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Camp Tuttle is an outdoor ministry of the Episcopal Church of Utah.

Inclusion and acceptance are key at Camp Tuttle, and children of all religious backgrounds are encouraged to come join in the fun!

Upcoming Events

Camp Tuttle Update – Registrations open!

We will be offering day camps for small groups, following the social distancing guidelines in place by Governor Herbert. We will also offer overnight backpacking trips for those youth going into grades 5-12. There will be 2 groups offered each day and spaces will be limited. Day Camps are offered from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm. Overnight backpacking will start at 10:00 am – 12 noon the following day.
Revised 2020 Camp Tuttle Schedule:
*July 10 –  3/4th Grade Day Camp
July 14 & 15 – 5/6th Grade Day Camp
July 16 to 17 – 5/6th Grade Overnight Backpack Trip
July 22 & 23 – 7/8th Grade Day Camp
July 24 to 25 – 7/8th Grade Overnight Backpack Trip
July 28th – Senior Class of 2020 Evening Celebration (Registration opening soon!)
*July 30 – High School Day Camp
July 31 to Aug. 1 – High School Overnight Backpack Trip
*If participation is high, we will add an additional day camp

Please Donate to our Scholarship Fund

Camp Tuttle is a community that thrives due to its diverse group of children and believes that nothing should stand in the way of a child coming to camp.

If able, please make a donation to our scholarship fund so that all kids can experience the great gifts Camp Tuttle has to offer!

Click here to donate.

Until you’ve been in the place I am it is hard to understand that in just six weeks,
Six unforgettable, life altering, confidence boosting weeks;
I go from barely knowing some people to loving them with my whole entirety.
To loving this place, with my whole entirety.
So I stay.
And I will stay because this place, these people… change MY WHOLE LIFE.
And that,
That will never change.

-Excerpt from “What Camp Means to Me” by Randee Martinez, counselor