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Camp Tuttle is an outdoor ministry of the Episcopal Church of Utah.

Inclusion and acceptance are a key at Camp Tuttle, and children of all religious backgrounds are encouraged to come join in the fun!

Camp Tuttle is a place where I really love to go…

It’s awesome, fun, and you spend most of your days out in the sun

Hiking, ropes course, and just playing games…

Oh, and not to forget the counselor names.

Every year I come back, and every year it gets better.

So all summer I wait, for one week that’s so great.

It comes and it goes, but it seems way to slow…

You don’t know what fun is till you’ve come to Camp Tuttle.

So thank you Camp Tuttle for being so great…

I’m coming next year and I promise I won’t be late.

–RanDee Martinez, Camper 2011



Please Donate to our Scholarship Fund

Camp Tuttle is a community that thrives due to its diverse group of children and believes that nothing should stand in the way of a child coming to camp.

If able, please make a donation to our scholarship fund so that all kids can experience the great gifts Camp Tuttle has to offer!

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