Upcoming Events

June through August – Camp Tuttle Starts!!! YAY!


2018 Junior/Senior High Spring Retreat (Grades 6-12)

May 4-6.  Meet at All Saints Episcopal Church at 3:30 Friday, Return to All Saints on Sunday at 3:30
Retreat cost is $65*
We are going to visit our friends in White Rocks!  Join us for fun and fellowship, a service project and outing, as well as a cultural program on Saturday evening.  On Sunday we will attend church at St. Elizabeth before we return back to Salt Lake City.


Backpacking Schedule (Ages 17 and older)

Sunday June 17th – Hike from top of Guardsmans Pass to lake Lacawaxin.  Approx. 3 miles
Monday June 18th – Hike to Camp for warm meal and shower time.  Approx. 4 miles
Tuesday June 19th – Hike from camp to Lake Catherine.  Approx. 3 miles
Wednesday June 20th – Hike from Lake Catherine to Albion Basin.  Approx. 4 miles
Participants will be encouraged to find sponsors for the hike.  Whomsoever raises the most money for Camp will win a prize!!

Camp Schedule 2018 Season

June 9 – Work and Worship Day

June 17-20 – Young Leaders Backpacking Trip

June 24-27 – 3rd-4th Grade Mini Camp

July 8-13 – 5th-6th Grade

July 15-20 – 7th-8th Grade

July 22-27 – High School Adventure

Aug 3-5 – Family Camp